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Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Old Dentures

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Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Old Dentures

Dentures often get a negative stigma because they used to be unnatural looking, uncomfortable, and non-functional. But today, you can get a beautiful, comfortable, and natural smile when you get Fountain of Youth® Dentures. These dentures are neuromuscular, meaning they are designed with your face shape in mind. That means that all the problems you face with your old, uncomfortable dentures can be a thing of the past. Your FOY® denture dentist in St. Louis, is experienced in providing natural-looking and functional smiles.

Do you have dentures that you don’t love? Or old dentures that are showing signs of age? Here are seven signs that it’s time to replace your old dentures with Fountain of Youth® Dentures.

1. Discoloration or Damage

Discoloration and damage are signs of wear and tear on your old dentures. Due to age, poor oral hygiene habits, or low quality, dentures can start to yellow and stain just like natural teeth. They can also get cracks and chips. These aren’t qualities of a youthful smile, and you don’t have to live with them. FOY® dentures are made from advanced ceramics and are higher quality than many dentures on the market. With proper care, your FOY® dentures will last longer than traditional ones.

2. They Slip

Dentures that slip are embarrassing and uncomfortable. If you’re dentures slip and slide, it means they’re too big. Perhaps when you got them, they were secure, but your gums and jawbone shrink over time without teeth to stimulate them. Without regular adjustments, your dentures will slip as they age. When you choose FOY®, you’ll get regular adjustments to your dentures to ensure they stay in place.

3. They’re Uncomfortable

If your old dentures are uncomfortable, it’s time for new dentures. Many dentures aren’t designed for comfort. It’s not uncommon for them to rub on your gums and cause soreness. Traditional dentures can also distribute your bite force wrong, causing pain and swelling—especially as your jaw shape changes. But FOY® is different. They’re designed especially for you and with comfort and cosmetics in mind. They’ll fit securely in your mouth and won’t cause discomfort or pain.

4. They’re Too Big or Unnatural Looking

Maybe your dentures were too big from the start, or they became too large for your face as you age. Either way, unnatural-looking dentures lower your self-esteem. You can regain confidence with FOY® dentures that look just like natural teeth. You and your denture dentist will design them together to fit your specific needs.

5. They Make You Look Older Than You Are

Poorly fit, or unnatural-looking dentures make you look older than your biological age. They also aren’t designed with your facial structure in mind. FOY® dentures are. They take into account the structure of your face, jaw, and muscles to give you a youthful appearance. They smooth out wrinkles around your mouth and elongate the lower third of your face that may have shrunk as your jaw changed. Fountain of Youth® Dentures do just as they suggest in the name. They make you look younger.

6. They’re Hard to Chew With

Traditional dentures are notoriously hard to chew with. They slide around in your mouth when you eat something hard or tough, and they are often painful. With FOY®, you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite foods because they fit securely and they’re comfortable to wear.

7. You Have Trouble Talking

Whistling and lisps are other common complaints about traditional dentures. This, again, is an issue of a poor fit. You may not notice, but you use your teeth to stop your tongue when you speak. You’ll need your dentures to be secure to speak clearly. In addition, if your dentures are too large, it might be hard to get your cheeks and lips into the right shapes to produce certain sounds. FOY® dentures fit securely so you can speak with confidence.

Choose FOY® Dentures in St. Louis

Many people in St. Louis are choosing to replace their old dentures with FOY® dentures. And it’s no wonder, look at all the benefits they provide! Visit your Fountain of Youth® Denture dentist, Dr. Chris Hill, at Smile On Dental Studio. He can get your fitted FOY® dentures that look like your natural teeth. You’ll be smiling from ear to ear before you know it. Call  314-862-7007  or make an appointment online.

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