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Digital X-Rays in St. Louis

Visiting the dentist in the past meant sitting uncomfortably in a dental chair with sharp bite wings in your mouth while you waited for what felt like an eternity so your dentist could take your dental x-rays. Not only were dental x-rays in the past uncomfortable, but also time-consuming and didn’t always come out looking great. This would result in your dentist taking another set of x-rays to get the picture right. At Smile On Dental Studio, we use modern digital x-rays.

If you need dental x-rays, schedule an appointment with Dr. Hill at our dental office. Please give us a call at 314-862-7007 or email us to request an appointment.

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Why Digital X-Rays?

One of the top reasons to visit us for digital x-rays is because they produce less radiation than x-rays before. There’s no reason to feel concerned. Digital x-rays are completely safe and you shouldn’t worry about radiation exposure. Digital x-rays give us an inside look inside your teeth that we use to diagnose and treat problems. The amount of radiation you receive from a digital x-ray is equivalent to the radiation exposure you receive from the natural atmosphere over a span of eight weeks. The reason the technician leaves the room to take your x-rays is that they repeat this task several times a day, sometimes five days a week. With that much exposure, they could compromise their health.

Why Dental X-Rays are Important

So why do you need digital x-rays? Dental x-rays give your dentist a look at what’s going on beneath and between your teeth and gums. In addition, it shows us what’s happening underneath your teeth and gums. This information is otherwise unknown if left up to the naked eye.

We use digital x-rays to detect problems in your teeth, with existing dental work, abscesses or receding bone. We can also detect cavities and gum disease with x-rays. The x-ray will show dark places on white teeth and bone images. The x-rays help us both diagnose and plan your customized treatment plan. We can also use them to document your dental health so that we can monitor it over time.

Experience modern dental x-rays for yourself at Smile On Dental Studio in Richmond Heights, MO. If you’re in need of a dental exam or digital x-rays, please call our dental office in St. Louis at 314-862-7007 or email us to schedule an appointment.

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