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Botox is a renowned cosmetic treatment that effectively reduces wrinkles and fine lines. This service involves the injection of botulinum toxin, which temporarily paralyzes muscle activity, leading to smoother skin and a more youthful appearance. Botox is commonly used to treat areas such as the forehead, around the eyes (crow’s feet), and between the brows (frown lines). Individuals who want to reduce aging signs without surgery can use this non-invasive solution. It is common for patients to see visible results within 3 to 7 days of treatment, lasting anywhere from 3 to 6 months. The procedure is quick, has minimal discomfort, and does not require downtime so that patients can resume their daily activities immediately.

For those looking to rejuvenate their appearance and boost their confidence, we offer Botox treatments tailored to meet your needs. Our expert team ensures a comfortable and professional experience, helping you achieve a refreshed and natural-looking outcome. Results are temporary, so we recommend scheduling follow-up appointments to maintain your youthful glow. Contact Smile on Dental Studio in St. Louis, MO, today to book your Botox appointment and take the first step towards a more vibrant you


Fine lines and wrinkles are reductions

The non-surgical solution to signs of aging

Minimal discomfort during the procedure

Immediately return to daily activities with no downtime

Quick treatment sessions

Treats a variety of areas, including the forehead, eyes, and between the brows

Results are visible within a few days

Temporary results, offering flexibility in aesthetic decisions

It also helps to treat medical conditions like chronic migraines and excessive sweating

Safe and FDA-approved for cosmetic and medical use

Frequently Asked Questions

Good candidates for Botox are individuals seeking to minimize wrinkles and fine lines, without allergies to Botox or botulinum toxins, and have realistic expectations about the results.

Most patients start to see results within 3 to 7 days after treatment. The full effects usually become noticeable up to two weeks later. Timeframes can vary depending on the treatment area and muscle responsiveness.

The effects of Botox last between 3 to 6 months and can vary based on the treatment area, individual metabolism, and muscle activity.

Botox treatments have minimal downtime, and patients can resume their regular activities immediately. There are rarely any side effects, but there may be temporary bruising or swelling after injections.

Before Botox treatment, avoid alcohol and anti-inflammatory medications to reduce the risk of bruising. After the procedure, it’s crucial to avoid rubbing or applying pressure to the treated areas for at least 24 hours to prevent spreading the toxin to unintended muscles.

The procedure is quick, typically lasting only a few minutes. A fine needle injects Botox into specific muscles, causing minimal discomfort. No anesthesia is required, but you may apply numbing cream for comfort.

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