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Advanced Dental Technology

The future of dentistry is here. We believe that you deserve the very best care available. At Smile On Dental Studio, Dr. Chris Hill and our team of clinical care observe, audition and invest in dental technologies that improve outcomes and comfort you and all of our patient family.

Our paperless office is equipped with contemporary tools and deluxe amenities for an exceptional dental care experience.

Innovative Dental Tools Empower Well-Informed Dental Patients

Our high tech tools are blended with state of the art techniques to deliver dental care that is custom designed for you.

During your checkup or new patient exam, we take pictures of your teeth and gums with our professional digital camera and display the images on a high definition flat screen.  Dr. Chris Hill uses these images to explain his findings and suggestions for dental treatment.

Seeing your dental problems may seem overwhelming at first, but consider the experience the first step toward a healthier, fresher smile. The camera may reveal the early stages of potentially serious problems, allowing you the opportunity to prevent small problems before they escalate. This is especially helpful with gum disease and conditions that cause damage without causing pain. The camera’s honest survey can also show you how your regular home hygiene routine is paying off. The dental hygienist or dentist can recommend ways to improve your homecare based on their findings.

Dental radiographs, or X-rays, provide us with valuable information because with them, we can see what’s going on beneath, between, and under your teeth and gums. We can also detect problems in existing dental work, as well as receding bone and abscesses. For instance, cavities and gum disease show up as dark places on white teeth and bone images. Not only do X-rays help us diagnose dental problems and develop customized treatment plans, but they document your dental health status, establishing a baseline from which to monitor changes over time.

Digitally rendered smile previews are also available thanks to our imaging software which allows you to see what your new smile will look like before any work begins.

We also use digital impressions, so you don’t have to bite into a tray of goo to get dental crowns or veneers.

Same-Day Crowns

We leverage cutting-edge PlanMill technology in our practice to craft crowns on-site, eliminating the inconvenience of temporary crowns. Our Planmeca PlanMill® dental mills are renowned for their exceptional speed and precision. Equipped with advanced features, these units provide the smoothest milling experience available today.

iTero scanning - for faster and more accurate Invisalign cases

Our practice utilizes the iTero Lumina™ scanner featuring iTero Multi-Direct Capture™ (MDC) technology. This state-of-the-art system redefines the capabilities of intraoral scanners, setting a new standard for performance in dental practices. With unparalleled speed and accuracy, it ensures optimal outcomes for Invisalign treatments.

Digital Scans

Our office employs multiple advanced scanners to visualize and ensure the utmost accuracy in your dental procedures. Utilizing state-of-the-art digital scanning technology enhances the precision and efficiency of our diagnoses and treatment plans.

T-scan - digital bite analysis

T-Scan Novus revolutionizes bite analysis by objectively assessing a patient’s bite. Unlike conventional methods that only determine bite location, T-Scan Novus identifies force and timing – fundamental parameters crucial for achieving optimal bite alignment. This innovative technology enables us to fine-tune your bite with unparalleled precision.

BioPak - Technology for TMJ patients

Our practice incorporates the latest BioPak technology to assess joint and muscle movement in TMJ patients. This advanced system allows us to comprehensively analyze your bite dynamics and predictably rebuild your bite, ensuring optimal comfort and function.


We better visualize your head, neck, and joints using cutting-edge Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) technology. This advanced imaging technique provides detailed three-dimensional images, facilitating precise diagnosis and treatment planning for various dental conditions.

Guided Surgery

We meticulously plan all surgical cases using guided surgery technology to ensure precision and accuracy. By pre-planning procedures, we enhance surgical outcomes and minimize risks, providing patients with the highest level of care.

A.I. x-ray interpretation

Our practice employs artificial intelligence for x-ray interpretation, enabling early detection of diseases or infections. By leveraging AI algorithms, we can identify potential issues at their earliest stages when intervention is most effective, leading to better treatment outcomes and improved patient care.

Teeth in a Day/All on 4 technology

With our Teeth in a Day/All on 4 technology, we can fabricate and deliver your new teeth on the same day as your surgery. This innovative approach streamlines the treatment process, providing patients with immediate restoration of their smile and function.

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Smile On Dental Studio provides a full range of dental services to help you achieve the smile you deserve. Whether you need a complete smile makeover or your regular checkup, we perform dentistry with precision and unwavering attention to detail.

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